Rocks are Sure to Endure

Give yourself room to breathe . . .

Give yourself room to breathe and give your children room to breathe too. Get closer to your kids and express your care and love. Tell your children that you love them. Assure that we are here to help them.

Have fun with your children: play table games, cook something delicious, dance, go for a walk, paint or watch movies together. Hug each other! Hugs are powerful.

From time to time, emphasize the importance of mutual support. Remind them that you also need their understanding and support, and don’t forget to thank them when you receive it.

We strive to be loving and supportive parents. A kind and trusting relationship with our children and the health of our families are vital, especially now. Let us be patient and calm, stay safe, and take care of one another.


oozes from the ground 
and flows downhill 
along the path 
of no resistance 
to the ocean’s depression, 
where the storms 
toss its waves. 
grain by grain, 
are sure to endure 
the pressure, 
and spittles; 
waiting on the Lord. 
When He says, 
“Peace! Be still!”, 
the winds obey, 
and the dead calm ocean 
kisses the footstool of His feet.
with love