Planting Trees is a Worthy Pursuit

“And the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

Genesis 2:15 KJV.

I remember walking in the spring forest, inhaling the fresh forest air. I remember taking my time to absorb the soothing sounds of birds and admire old oaks, aspens, birches, ash trees, rowens, and pines. I smiled at all the beautiful spring butterflies flying around in search of nectar.

Suddenly, I saw many fallen pine trees on the ground. Someone had cut them down. I felt deeply frustrated because those trees looked very healthy. The thought of our weak ecological situation pierced my heart like a spike. Humans must stop damaging the environment, I thought.

Every tree is a treasure. It takes many years to grow a tall tree that can absorb a substantial amount of carbon dioxide from the air!

I looked around and spotted something that gave me an idea. Cones! I gathered cones from the fallen branches hoping I could accomplish something meaningful if I could manage to grow seedlings from pine seeds.

I now had a mission to give life to brand new trees.

At home, I stored cones in a dry place. Soon they opened up, and I collected many seeds by simply shaking the cones. I had a stash of old yogurt and cake containers meant for recycling, so I had no trouble finding where to plant the seeds. I also had some peat cups leftover from last year, so I used those too. I bought a bag of soil and planted the seeds on my balcony. Thankfully, the weather was sunny and warm, and soon my seedlings shyly showed their tiny, fragile heads. A new life.

The beauty of this little green miracle truly touched me. I stared at my micro forest in awe for days, imagining what it would look like when most of the seedlings grew tall.

I had a fantastic birthday last year. It started with birthday wishes and a delicious cookie cake made by my lovely children. After we had cake, I took my bike and rode to the nearest pine forest where I kissed and planted 37 seedlings, a small part from my micro pine forest. What a feeling!

Imagine if every one of us planted at least one tree?

Both spring and fall are perfect seasons for planting many types of trees and shrubs. You don’t have to hold a master’s degree in forestry to do it. Begin by looking up which tree species are native to your area. Both deciduous and coniferous trees are great options. Arbor Day Foundation shares a lot of useful information about how to choose the right tree. Collect cones and seeds and reuse plastic jars to plant your seeds. A positive result and a good mood are guaranteed. Give it a try! It doesn’t take much effort or time, and it’s so rewarding. We need it so much right now!

Trees are vital. They clean the air, filter the water, protect animals, birds, and us. Considering the devastating events of forest fires in Siberia, Amazon, California, and Australia, we must act quickly. Plant seeds and trees, donate — invest your time and money into valuable areas of our life. This is a call to action. It’s time to show Earth our love.

How can You help the healing of Earth?

1. Plant seeds on a balcony or windowsill, and then plant the seedlings around your garden, and in the forest.

2. Give fruit trees as a present to your friends and relatives with gardens. Birthdays, family gatherings are perfect events for such a fabulous gift like the tree.

3. Contact your city or conservation area. They will be happy to have you as a volunteer.

4. Donate to organizations dedicated to planting trees in your area and around the world.

5. Spread awareness through social media and your blog.

Nature is a reviving refuge for our souls. A walk in a forest always helps to clear thoughts, improve health, raise mood, and feel the beauty of life. Trees produce oxygen, which gives us life. Enjoy every season of the year, take care of your loved ones, and take steps toward healing our Earth. She will thank you.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DONATE: the charities for planting trees

🌱 updated March, 2022

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Thank you for reading. Plant trees and peace. 🌱🔜🌳

with love

The article “Planting Trees is a Worthy Pursuit” was first published in Illumination on March 26, 2020. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.