A Vision of Christ

I saw streams of blood 
all over His beautiful face,
strands of hair
sticking to the high cheekbones.
His eyes were closed,
His meek suffering
filled my heart with deep grief.
“You are not dead,
you are alive!” I said.
I couldn’t watch Him dying, 
I couldn’t bare His pain,
I opened my eyes,
I trembled and cried
I prayed I could see Him
in the clouds, divine!
In hope, I closed my eyes
but the same vision returned
tortured, like dead,
crucified once and for all
thousands of years ago.
My Lord! Forgive me,
for crucifying you once more,
I know, I know, the hour you said
“It is finished! It’s done!”,
you invited me to the house
of your Father
but I still doubt that I am invited.
Thank you for reading.
God bless