Would You Raise Me Up?

How to break free of my powerlessness? The pact with the system created by demons fed my belly and pride in exchange for my heart and my mind, and my body for the sweet Lord’s Spirit would abandon me. With my spine on the ground my heart is under pressure, I’m sharing my leftover warmthContinue reading “Would You Raise Me Up?”

You do not need gems

You do not need gems or magic rituals to find your purpose, health, love, joy —you will have abundant life if you seek the Lord. 🗝 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 34 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may haveContinue reading “You do not need gems”

The Lord God Loves You

The Lord God loves you, but He doesn’t always love your deeds. You pray to God and ask for a gift but is there any gift you have given Him? Do you know what He loves? Do you love Him? Do you honor Him? Do you praise Him? “Behold, what manner of love the FatherContinue reading “The Lord God Loves You”