꧁ Be a H.U.G. – Hospitable, Uplifting, and Generous.

Welcome to my blog Light of Xenía. Here I write about my favorite topics—Divine & HUMAN Hospitality, and nature—In prose and verse.

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Intertwine with the choir of voices outside the human habitat, away from the industrial noise. The hypnotizing innocence of the whispering tree branches, murmuring river, moaning wind, and chuckling birds unloads our overwhelmed minds and awakens an inner child in our souls; it brings a stranger closer to God and transforms the understanding of the human purpose on Earth.

—Excerpt from Among the Voices of the Forests, Mountains, Seas, and Rivers.

Divine and Human Hospitality

Xenia (ξενία, pronounced xen-ee’-ah) is a multifaceted Greek word that introduces the ancient concept of “hospitable reception” of strangers.

A hospitable “Welcome” opens the door for a long-lasting friendship. It represents blessings to the one who welcomes, and those who have come. True friendship always brings peace, restoration, and completeness.

When we share our light with one another, 
God pours out a rainbow upon us.

—Excerpt from No Longer Strangers

“God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” Saint John