a novella

“I hope it will touch hearts of all ages.” ~Ksenia Sein, author

“It has certainly touched mine!” ~Roberta Thorndike, editor

“A Sweet Scent is the story of a young girl on a quest to find a message from her late grandfather and beloved companion on her many adventures. But she is not alone.” Roberta Thorndike, Joyful One Editing

When I realized what I was looking at, I froze. My heart was pounding in my chest. The faint fragrance of a familiar cologne had been hovering in the air. Grandpa?”

The release date: July 22, 2022

Lara spent her summer vacations with her grandparents. This summer, there was only her witchy Grandma, whom the girl had dreaded since childhood. The only person in the entire world who cared about her young naturalist spirit, Grandpa, passed away. Grandma, like always, had been immersed in her mysterious world of herbs and teas. The girl enjoyed her time in the woods and on the seashore, just as she would have done if Grandpa were still there.

Lara was looking for fossils on the seashore when she found a gem that her Grandpa promised her many years ago—a gem with the scent of his cologne and a message of a promising adventure. To her surprise, she wasn’t the only one who knew about Grandpa’s promise. Someone else was waiting for the gem to be revealed.

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