a poetry collection

I really enjoyed working closely with Ksenia’s poems! She has a great style and there was a lot to admire in this work! I believe this collection will inspire and excite readers, and I hope that it reaches as many people as possible!Kallie Falandays, Tell Tell Poetry

I guarantee you will never take a cruise like this. With pictures, prose, and poems, author, Ksenia Sein paints a dream-like image of the culture of the Baltic island of Osel. The azure sea, captured in many of her photos, transcends the reader to distant shores rich with heritage.
Submerge yourself in the creative inspiration of Sein as she toured Osel. Thank you, Ksenia for sharing this treasure with readers.
” —Jenny Knipfer

“A lovely and inspirational book filled with photographs and poems from a place I used to call home. Ksenia’s poems are a true treat, written from the heart with wisdom found through her life experiences as a daughter, wife and mother. Fantastic work.” Lana Melnichuk, Two Steps Forward

CRUISE TO OSEL is a cruise through my own perception of the past, and the present with a meditation about fears and dreams, self-destruction and belief in yourself. And all it is about to arrive at the destination that we all should reach one day — the island of High Love, to which I call Osel.

The book “Cruise to Osel” includes short poems, thoughts, and photographs that have been created during this exciting life journey from 2008 to 2014.


“A wonderful collection of poetry written with so much feeling and love that let’s the reader imagine such beauty and love in our world and feel inspired by it all. Each poem comes straight from the authors heart and each is accompanied by a photograph that allows you to take on this journey with her. One of my favorites was the study of the two girls in cultural dress. I loved the imagery of this piece especially. A wonderful treasure of a book. I can’t wait to read more of Ksenia Sein’s work.” —Nataša Xerry

If you want to be baffled by beautiful imagery and the Soul of Poetry, this is your chance! Ksenia’s beautiful poetry and imagery in ’CRUISE TO OSEL’ creates similar mental snapshots in the reader’s mind and draws you into a visionary passage where you almost get a preview of what Paradise must look and feel like and why love and beauty are at the creation of everything, why ‘High Love’ is and will always be our Alpha and Omega. In her words: “Hope leads us through the seas of time. True Faith keeps our spirits high. And if we find the island of High Love, beautiful feelings will fill the world.”
I also love how she took the simple, everyday happenings in our world and daily life and captured it in a sensory, poetic experience with mental snapshots that appeal to our senses of sight, taste, touch, smell, and even sound.” —Martine Weber

“Lovely poet Ksenia has once again blown me away with this beautifully-written, heartful book of poetry. Ksenia has a way of capturing the perfect imagery to accompany her lyrical prose, bringing to life the words on every page. The poignant quotes included with each poem serve as an added dose of inspiration.
CRUISE TO OSEL is a gorgeous getaway in a book. It’s one of the those works that truly takes you to another place. It is also a reminder that reconnecting to love, our emotions, our dreams and nature can not only be magical, but is the key to long-lasting happiness.”
Denise N. Wheatley

“Her poetry is a reflection of free spirited person she is and how she gives back to the universe same love that comes her way. I loved reading The Elixir, Fight For Your Life, Forgive Me, I wish, Who I am and High Hopes, High Love. I loved her idea of clicking pictures while being one day on the sea and forming the poetry to give us the gift of her words. It has healed my heart in a way where it needed healing the most. I would check her other books too.” Gurpreet Dhariwal

Publication date: November 25, 2014