a children’s short fable

“Wisdom wrapped in a beautiful story. A valuable lesson for us all to learn from. A story that gifts a brilliant opportunity for a discussion with kids about the consequences of words and actions. Layers of life wisdom woven through each scene. Beautiful.”  —Amy Marley

“The story focusses on how to instill an idea of “What you sow, so shall you reap” in the mindset of your children. It’s necessary to teach them that every action won’t bring them a bunch of roses. Sometimes a path could be atrociously filled with big obstacles in life. 
Her words are lyrical and you would find beauty in every line written with grace and kindness. 
I wouldn’t mind recommending it to the people blessed with kids and it could be read as their bedtime story. “
Gurpreet Dhariwal

TALENT is a heart-warming short story that deals with actions and their consequences using fun and easy to understand scenarios. A wonderful teaching aid for raising kind and considerate children.

The main character is a beautiful rose who is proud and mean-spirited. It becomes a real challenge for her to survive under the burning sun, blowing wind and pouring rain. As a result, she may lose her main talent — beauty.


“A very simple tale with many lessons. I have seen many with the same malady as the rose. Where nothing is ever good enough or makes them happy enough. The rose learns it’s lesson in the end, thanks to the apple tree giving it a second chance.” Rebecca Verghese Paul

“My second cousins loved this book! My cousins have young ones at home, I’ve got a dog… obviously I win! However reading this to my second cousins was a huge hit. How does she do it?! This is one amazing writer/creator.” Slate R. Raven

Talent: a children’s short fable is temporarily not available for purchase.

Publication date: May 15, 2019